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MegaShift™ Trans Controller

GPIO Board

*** Current Version 3.0 Main Board Information ***

MegaSquirt® V3.0 Schematics and PCB Layout

MegaSquirt® V3.0 External Wiring Diagram

MegaSquirt® V3.0 PCB Assembly Guide

*** Archived Version 2.2 Main Board Information ***

MegaSquirt® V2.2 Schematics and PCB Layout

MegaSquirt® V2.2 External Wiring Diagram

MegaSquirt® PV2.2 CB Assembly Guide

MegaSquirt® Case Cutting/Drilling Template

*** Archived Version 1.01 Main Board Information ***

MegaSquirt® V1.01 Schematics and PCB Layout

MegaSquirt® V1.01 PCB Assembly Guide

MegaSquirt® Relay/Power Distribution Board

MegaSquirt Relay/Power Board Schematics and PCB Layout

Archived PC Configuration Program

PCC is obsolete, use MegaTune instead.

Screen Shots of PC Configuration Program

Download PC Configurator Software

Embedded Software Information

MS-I Code

  • Assembly Language Code for MegaSquirt-I™ ECU

  • Embedded Software Functional Blocks

  • Download Embedded Software and Associated Files

    MS-II Code

  • C Language Source Code for MegaSquirt-II® ECU

    Coolant/Air Sensor Information

    MAP Sensor Information


    Tach Signal Interfacing Guide

    Flyback Modification to V1.01 Boards

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    Current MegaSquirt® Information

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