MegaSquirt® Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo

PCC is obsolete (left here for reference only), use TunerStudio instead instead.

PC Configurator Download

The PC Configurator program for the MegaSquirt© 2003, 2008 Bowling and Grippo. All rights reserved. MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® are registered trademarks. EFI controller can be downloaded below.!

This application, developed using MSVC++, is fully operational, but posses the following known quirks and problems, referred to here as "features":

  • The program, if not hooked to a MegaSquirt® controller, will not display any numbers or settings. This is because the configurator downloads the current settings right from the MegaSquirt controller. Without a connection to a controller, you will see no data. However, the main menu buttons should operate.
  • The default communications port for the PC Configurator is COM1, and for the majority of laptops out there this is the case. If you are using COM2, COM3, or COM4, then you will have to go into the "Communications" button and select your port. A current "feature" of the PC Configurator is that it may crash in certain screens if the incorrect communications port is selected - this does not hurt anything right now, but this will be fixed soon - just be aware of this. Also, the "Verify Communications" button on the Communications page does not so anything right now - it will soon, but not right now.
  • The RPM "dot" on the tuning page can sometimes not re-draw itself correctly if another Windows screen is blocking it (or the screen gets "focus") - sometimes there is the remnant of an old "dot" which remains on the plot. To get rid of this, simply close the screen and the re-open from the main menu. This will be fixed in a later revision.

  • Download MegaSquirt PC Configurator

    To install the PC Configurator program, simply download the megasquirt.exe file by clicking on the link below. Create a new folder on your hard drive (name it anything you want) and transfer this file in this directory. This is a statically-linked application - all runtime .dll files are linked in with this application, so you should not experience any problems executing the program. Also, this version uses direct Windows-API calls, so the Active-X Control MSCOM is no longer needed for this application.

    To run the program double click on the "Megasquirt.exe" icon - it if executes and you can operate all of the buttons and bring up screens then you are good to go.

    Download PC Configurator for MegaSquirt® Controllers (IBM PC Executable Program)


    © 2003, 2008 Bowling and Grippo. All rights reserved. MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® are registered trademarks.