MegaSquirt® Electronic Fuel Injection Computer - PC Configuration Software

PCC is obsolete (left here for reference only), use MegaTune instead.

Screen Shots For PC Configurator

PC Configurator Main Screen - Main menu system for MegaSquirt PC Configurator

PC Configurator Serial Communications Port Selection - Selects COM port on computer

PC Configurator Constants - Various constants for injectors, Req_Fuel, etc.

Req_Fuel Dialog from Constants Page - Inputs to define Req_Fuel on Constants Page.

PC Configurator Enrichments

PC Configurator VE Table - Volumetric Efficiency in Percent

PC Configurator VE Table Contour Plot

PC Configurator Runtime Display - Display of real-time values from controller

PC Configurator Tuning Screen - Screen for adjusting VE and warmup enrichemnts while tuning engine.


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