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This site describes the MegaJoltLight EDIS Ignition System by Bruce Bowling & Al Grippo. The MJL-EDIS is a complete ignition system for application to internal combustion engines. The MJL system controls a Ford EDIS Electronic Distributor Module, and is fully programmable and adaptable to any engine setup with four, six, or eight cylinders. The best part is that you can build it yourself - full plans, schematics, and software appications are available here for free download.

This system is called "light" because it is the little brother of the MegaJolt Ignition system, which is still in the prototype stage and will be a while before it is ready for release. However, "light" does not mean lacking in features - here is a partial list:

  • Fully programmable ignition advance, using off-the-shelf Ford EDIS module and wasted spark ignition coils.
  • MJL-EDIS can be operated either in fully independent mode or can be assembled as part of the MegaSquirt EFI controller system for complete engine management.
  • Knock Detection for controlling ignition advance.
  • Fully-programmable 8x8 RPM/load map ignition advance table with additional control for coolant temperature.
  • Crank angle position is measured using a 36 minus one tooth crank wheel and VR sensor setup.
  • Tachometer output - can be used for direct MegaSquirt tach drive, as well as aftermarket tach gauges.
  • IAC stepper motor control circuit for MegaSquirt ECU installations, provides full idle speed control. Additional idle control using advance is also available.
  • All parameters are adjustable using the PC Configurator-EDIS software - available for free download here.

    The MJL-EDIS system was designed as a full-featured ignition system which is fully programmable by the user. The use of Ford EDIS modules (readily-available) simplifies the overall installation and maintains a reliable and rugged ignition control system for the most critical sections.

    So, take a look at the site, and the next time you are at the local junkyard go EDIS hunting!


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