Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation By Bowling

The following calculates the estimated miles-per-gallon fuel consumption, based on the aerodynamic horsepower equilibrium occurring when propelling a vehicle with the given coefficient of drag, frontal area, tire pressure, brake-specific fuel consumption, and speed. The default speed of 55 MPH corresponds to the calculation used by the EPA to estimate fuel consumption. A value for drive train horsepower loss is also provided. To aid in the program usage, a chart of drag coefficients is provided.

Program Inputs:

Coefficient of drag:

Frontal Area (Square Feet):

Vehicle Miles Per Hour (MPH):

Vehicle Weight in Lbs:

Tire Inflation Pressure in psi:

Engine Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (gal/hr-hp):

Drivetrain Horsepower Loss:

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The following equations were used:
Aero = (0.00256 * cd * farea * mph**3)/375.0
Roll = (((0.015 + 0.0001 * mph) * weight ) * mph )/375.0
Fuel_Consumption = (Aero + Roll + hpmax)*BSFC
MPG = MPH/Fuel_Consumption

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