HP / Holley Jet Environmental Correction By Bowling

The following computation determines jet size changes for Holley carburetors based on environmental conditions. The idea is to convert currently-used Holley jet numbers to a "standard" environment, so that one can perform future calculations to other environments. For instance, if I use a 65 Holley jet number at 60 degrees F on a mountaintop, I first determine a new jet corrected to SAE standard conditions and save this number. Now one can correct this jet value to any measured environment, like 95 degrees F at the beach. Great for the track to help maintain consistent metering throughout the day.

The inputs to this program are barometric pressure (converted to sea-level, usually the form provided by Weather Services), elevation, humidity, temperature, and Holley jet number, between 40 and 100.

Remember, Holley jet numbers do not represent twist drill values.

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